Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

What is Nitro Coffee?

Nitro Coffee is a relatively new concept and an exciting way of serving cold brew coffee. It is cold brewed coffee that has been infused, or gassed, with 100% nitrogen and served chilled through a tap system, much like a Guinness beer.

RUSH roasting co Nitro Coffee

RUSH has been researching and experimenting with cold brew and Nitro Coffee for over 6 months. We believe we have finally created our own recipe for Nitro Coffee and cold brew coffee. The Nitro Coffee uses a lighter roast profile which helps the brew retain the fruity flavours which are customary to lighter roasts. The particle size of the grind is slightly larger than espresso and similar to filtered coffees. One of the main differences between a cold extraction and the espresso extraction is the difference in the acidity, with the cold extraction process being less acidic. We have been using brew times of between 12 hours and 18 hours at room temperatures. The cold brew then goes through a double filtration system and into the keg where it is gassed with the nitrogen for around 24 hours, chilled and then ready to serve. The Nitro Coffee is served through a tap just like Nitrogen based beers and gives a thicker, velvety textured feel in the mouth. 

Some say that the nitro gives the cold brew a sweeter taste. We are super excited about our Nitro Coffee and proud to be the first in the Southern Highlands to be offering this concept. With only a small number of roasters offering Nitro Coffee nationally we are also excited to be one of the innovators of this exciting new concept.

There are many options available for setting up a Nitro Cold Brew Coffee tap system and will work to make the process as seamless as possible. If you would like to offer this exciting innovative product to your customers then we would love to hear from you and explain how easy it is.

Nitro Proposal Nitro Proposal (444 KB)

Nitro Coffee on tap is now available at our cafe and for wholesale supply.

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